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Appalachian American Indians of West Virginia

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Appalachian American Indians of West Virginia, Inc. (AAIWV) is an intertribal organization of Native Americans and their mixed blood lineal descendants. AAIWV seeks to unite the Native peoples of the Appalachian region so that their rich Native American heritage is not lost. With over 4000 members, AAIWV is the largest Native American group in the State of West Virginia.

Quoting from the AAIWV website:

"The goals of AAIWV are to provide a 'tribal home' for Native Americans in West Virginia, to save precious pieces of our heritage that are in danger of being lost, and to educate both Native Americans and the general public about the history and culture of Native Americans in this State. We do this through extensive teaching activities throughout the State, by holding free Pow Wows open to the public, and through meetings. In addition to our normal monthly Tribal Council meetings in Charleston, we hold Regional Gatherings each month in Mingo, Greenbrier, Monongahela and Ohio counties. We also publish a monthly newsletter, The Appalachian Indian Voice, which is distributed free to our members. AAIWV also provides assistance to our members in need with a small Food Pantry and assistance with counseling and educational needs. AAIWV is supported solely by the contributions of its members. We charge no fees or membership dues to our members. Our public speaking and educational activities are also performed without charge to the community. No member representing AAIWV may accept speaking fees for public activities."

For more information, visit the AAIWV website. See also: AAIWV - Greenbrier Region