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Appalachian Valley & Ridge Region

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The Appalachian Valley & Ridge Region runs northwest to southeast through the Appalachian Mountains along through West Virginia's eastern panhandle and along its eastern and southern border. The region lies just east of the Allegheny Mountains and west of the Blue Ridge. Unlike the Allegheny Mountains, the mountains of the Valley & Ridge region have been folded into great waves that may run for more than 100 miles with few gaps to allow easy travel across.

Mountains withing the Appalachian Valley & Ridge Region include Peters Mountain, East River Mountain, Cacapon Mountain, Great North Mountain, Sideling Hill, Sleepy Creek Mountain, Muddy Creek Mountain, North Fork Mountain, Shenandoah Mountain

Geologic Map of West Virginia -- The Appalachian Valley & Ridge Region is well represented in this map by the long ridges in the eastern panhandle and along the state's eastern and southeastern borders. The Allegheny Mountains are represented in the situation of Mississipian and Pennsylvanian rocks running southwestward from Preston, Mineral, Grant, and Tucker counties. Most of the main body of the state is contained in the Appalachian Plateau region.