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Thornsbury Bailey Brown, a native of Taylor County, was the first Union soldier to lose his life during the American Civil War, being shot by a Confederate sentry on May 22, 1861, on the west side of Grafton, WV.

Originally buried in a private plot, Bailey's body was moved to the Grafton National Cemetery in June, 1903. A 12-foot-high obelisk monument commemorating Private Brown was placed on his grave in the national cemetery in 1928 by the United Daughters of Union Veterns. A monument to his memory also stands where his life was taken, on the spot what was then called "Fetterman," approximately three to four miles from the national cemetery.

Brown was a member of the Grafton Guards, organized shortly after the Battle of Fort Sumter, the opening engagement of the Civil War, that occurred on April 12, 1861.