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Barger Springs, West Virginia

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Vacation cottages at Barger Springs in Summers County
Barger Springs (map), or Greenbrier Springs, is an unincorporated community located along the Greenbrier River in eastern Summers County southeast of Hinton, WV. It takes its name from the Barger Spring (or Barger's Spring), earlier known as Carden's Spring, the mineral-infused waters of which were believed to possess curative properties.

The community was established as a resort in 1903 by the Greenbrier Springs Company, which purchased the spring and adjacent acreage and established a 25-room, three-story, frame-built hotel at the site, according to historian James H. Miller, author of "History of Summers County, West Virginia" (1908). Stockholders, including Miller, purchased lots and built eight vacation cottages thereon, according to Miller, and several such cottages remain near the spring house.

According to Miller, the site of Barger's Springs was first settled by Isaac Carden, who established a store and hewed log house at the site and a resort for hunters and trappers before the Civil War, "and for their accommodation a row of double log cabins was built, with chimneys in between." The property passed from Carden to William Barger, who married a Carden, and to their son William H. Barger. However, Barger did not develop the property, which fell into disuse during the war.

In 1906, the Greenbrier Springs Company purchased tracts adjacent to the springs, including that of the lower Stony Creek Gorge and two islands in the Greenbrier River, amassing more than 315 acres, according to Miller.

A chemical analysis of the minerals present in the waters of the Barger Spring, as reported by Miller, found 11.53 grains per gallon of calcium carbonate, 8.16 of magnesium carbonate, 15.89 of sodium carbonate, 5.71 of calcium sulphate, 1.01 of sodium chloride, 1.25 of silica, and .05 of alumina. The water was "recommended as a valuable cure for chronic kidney, liver and other complaints," according to Miller.

Variant Names: Bargers Springs, Barger's Springs, Greenbrier Springs