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Battle of Corrick's Ford

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On July 13, 1861, the Battle of Corrick's Ford was fought at Parsons, WV, in Tucker County. General Robert Garnett, commanding the Confederate forces, was mortally wounded. Garnett was the first general, Union or Confederate, to be killed during the American Civil War.

Rich Mountain and Corrick's Ford have been indentified as two of the most important events of Civil War in West Virginia. The campaign ensured Union control of western Virginia and largely eliminated the Confederate threat to the Baltimore and Ohio railroad. It also played a critical role in elevating George B. McClelland to the command of what would become under his leadership the Army of the Potomac. Although the death of General Robert S. Garnett cut short his involvement in the Civil War, his role as overall commander of the Confederate forces at the battles of Rich Mountain and Corrick's Ford is significant

Corrick's Ford Battlefield