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Blackwater Falls

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Falls of the Blackwater River at Blackwater Falls State Park

The falls of Blackwater River drop 60 feet where the river leaves its upland run and enters the Blackwater Canyon. The falls are the focus of Blackwater Falls State Park and among the most photographed scenic landmarks in West Virginia and appears in calendars, on stationary, and most famously on jigsaw puzzles. A rocky prominence outcrops near the center of the Blackwater Falls, dividing its waters into a distinctive formation by which it can be easily recognized. Spruce, hemlock, and pine among the headwaters of the Blackwater River stain its waters darkly. In winter, the waterfalls often ice over completely.

A broad boardwalk and staircase descend from the falls parking area to an overlook. A wheelchair-accessible nature trail near the park's lodge leads to a more distant overlook. Several other significant waterfalls in the park are lesser-known but no-less beautiful. Chutes, cascades, and overhanging ledges on Falls Run, Shays Run, and Pendleton Run are accessible by trail.

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