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Boone (historical)

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USGS 1913 map showing Boone

Boone was a company town located on Keeneys Creek nearly midway between the creek's mouth and the community of Winona, while the mine was located on a tributary, Contrary Creek.

State mine record indicate the Boone mine was operated by Boone Coal & Coke Company between 1898-1906; Keeneys Creek Colliery Company between 1907-1916; and Maryland New River Coal Company from 1917-1927. (1)

A 1911 Fayette County publication lists the Keeney's Creek Colliery Co. as operating the Boone mine, with a post office at Boone, W.Va. The population of Boone was estimated at 190 in 1910 by Rand, McNally & Co.

Rafter's Reference: The remnants of Boone are located some distance off the river and are not easily accessible to whitewater rafters. The National Park Service has established a scenic route, partly paved and partly graveled, from CR-82 at Winona to the New River and which provides access to the former Boone town site.


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