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Calhoun County

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Calhoun County
Calhoun County historic marker at Gilmer County line
Map of Calhoun County

Created in 1853 from Gilmer County and named for John C. Calhoun, eminent statesman of South Carolina. In early years the county seat was located at Arnoldsburg, Brooksville, and at the mouth of Pine Creek.

County Seat: Grantsville, WV
Population: 7,582 (2000 Census)
Calhoun County Profile

Lodging: Calhoun County Hotels

Cities and Towns

Arnoldsburg, WV
Grantsville, WV

Historical Sites

Alberts Chapel


Temperature Mean Annual Average: 52 (Degrees F)
January Averages: High 40 (Degrees F) -- Low 17 (Degrees F)
July Averages: High 86 (Degrees F) -- Low 60 (Degrees F)

Long Term Precipitation

January: 3.15 inches -- July: 4.84 (inches) -- Annual: 44.7 (inches)

Mean Annual Snowfall Range

25 - 35 inches

Calhoun County Weather Forecast

Additional Sources of Information


West Virginia Geological Survey: Wirt, Roane and Calhoun Counties