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Carlisle, West Virginia

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Carlisle was developed as a company owned mining town in the early 1900s by the White Oak Fuel Company. Shipment of coal from the Carlisle mine began during the year ending June 30, 1903. Another mine was opened at about the same time in the immediate vicinity of Carlisle called Oakwood. The Oakwood mine began shipment of coal during the year ending June 30, 1904. A common ventilation system was used by both the Carlisle and Oakwood mines but coal was shipped from two different tipples. The 1915 map below shows the relative positions of the Carlisle and Oakwood mines.

During 1905 an electric plant was put into operation at the Carlisle mining operation.

Carlisle Mine Explosion

On Feb. 6, 1915 an explosion occurred at the Carlisle mine that killed 22 workers.

1915 Map of Mines

Map showing the location of mines in the White Oak and Loup Creek coal fields. Map White Oak and Loup Creek Coal Field circa 1915.png


Map of Carlisle and Vicinity

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New River Company, Oakwood Company Store, Carlisle, WV
1911 map showing Carlisle, Whipple, and Oak Hill

Carlisle mining operation, ca. 1906

Oakwood mining operation, ca. 1906

Oakwood tipple, ca. 1950s