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Claremont, West Virginia

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Tipple of the Beechwood mine
USGS 1913 topo map showing location of Claremont
1886 map showing Beechwood

The Beechwood Coal & Coke Company opened its first mine at this location in 1887, and soon afterwards a second mine was opened. The mines were known as Beechwood Nos. 1 & 2. The location of No. 1 is shown on early maps as Beechwood. However, the name of the post office established in 1889 to serve the community was named Claremont. The post office was closed in 1942, but by then Claremont had become the name many local residents associated with both the community and the mines.

In a 1906 C&O publication, the Beechwood Coal & Coke Company was listed as operating two mines at a station named Beechwood, with 30 coke ovens in operation. The No. 1 mine had a daily capacity of 650 tons, and the No. 2 mine's capacity was 450 tons per day. The No. 1 mine had the capacity to produce 1 car of coke per day. By 1910 the population of Claremont was 593, according to the West Virginia Geological Survey of 1919.

Rafter's Reference: the ruins of Claremont are located on river-right, downstream of Silo Rapids. They may also be reached by the Thurmond-McKendree Road (CR-25).