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Coit, West Virginia

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Coit shown on map of 1903-04

Coit is shown on a map from 1903-1904 at a location between Slater (Thayer) and McKendree. The community was likely named after Samual Coit, of Hartford, CN, who was one of several persons involved in a company authorized in the 1820s to construct a canal from Richmond Falls ( in the upper gorge near Sandstone Falls) along the east side of New River.

A circa-1896 C&O Railway map lists the Stirling Coal & Coke Company as operating a mine at a point matching the location of Coit, however the mine was actually located along Slater Creek, just upstream of Thayer. Coit was the mining company's post office address and the place where the company's offices were located.

Rafter's Reference: if any remnant of Coit is present, its location would be on river-right, midway between Ledges Rapids and the community of Thayer.