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Crump's Bottom

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Fort Culbertson Historic Marker near Hinton, WV
Survey of Crump/Harmon Farm

In 1753, Andrew Culbertson settled along the New River on a settlement that came to be called Culbertson's Bottom, or Crump's Bottom. It's location was in what is know Summers County. But because that area was originally being a part of Mercer County, when the boundaries of Mercer was established in 1837, Crump's Bottom can be considered the first white settlement made in Mercer County, as well as the first in Summers County.

At Crump's Bottom, Fort Culbertson was built in 1774, at the start of Lord Dunmore's War, and was soon afterwards garrisoned by troops. The fort was erected by Capt. James Robertson, on order of William Preston, Lieutenant-Colonel of Fincastle County. The site of the fort was said to have been at the mouth of Joshua's Run. The fort was also known as Fort Byrd, Fort Field, and Culbertson's Bottom Fort.

Another fort was located nearby, called Farley's Fort, which was erected in 1775.

Topo map showing approximate location of Fort Culbertson.

Name Variants

Culbertsons Bottom, Culbertson's Bottom, Crumps Bottom, Crump's Bottom