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Day's Rock

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File:Day\'s Rock (Summers County).JPG
Inscription on Day's Rock
In Summers County near the mouth of Leatherwood Run, approximately three miles south of Hinton, WV, Day's Rock bears the inscription: "USA JUNE 20th 1862 Jno Day Jr New Richmond OHIO". The area of the inscription spans a space of about five-feet high by three-feet wide. According to historian Pauline Haga, the inscription was etched in stone by Union soldier John Day, Jr., who was then a soldier with the 23rd Ohio Regiment stationed at Camp Green Meadows at the mouth of the Bluestone River. The inscription is located on a flat rock adjacent to a small waterfall on the south bank of the stream. The fall is visible from Leatherwood Road and is located approximately 2,000 feet from the road's junction with W.Va. Route 20. The site is currently undeveloped, and access requires that visitors descend an embankment through brush to ford Leatherwood Run above the falls. Use care as the rocks at the ford may be slippery in summer.

Map: approximate location