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Diamond Point (New River Gorge)

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A projection of sandstone cliff on the rim of the New River Gorge near the New River Gorge Bridge, Diamond Point provides a spectacular panorama of the forested canyon of the New River, including six whitewater rapids. Thousands of climbers scale the cliffs beneath the point annually, and thousands of hikers follow the National Park Service's trail to an undeveloped overlook atop the point. In summer, visitors can observe rafting trips as they race through the rapids below and birds of prey as they soar out into the vastness of the gorge.

Diamond Point (map) marks the westernmost end of the Endless Wall rock-climbing area, and a system of ladders about 100 feet northwest of the overlook provides climbers and hikers a route to the base of the cliffline. The point may best be reached by trail from the National Park Service's Endless Wall Trail (also called Fern Creek Trail). From Diamond Point, visitors are afforded extensive views of the cliffline along the rim of the gorge. In winter and spring the New River Gorge Bridge and the remains of the ghost town of Kaymoor, West Virginia, may be observed through the leafless trees.

The point is created by an outcrop of the lower Nuttall Sandstone, which forms obvious cliffs along miles of the rim of the lower gorge. Visitors should use caution near the edge of the cliff as no guardrail protects sightseers from the drop of more than 100 feet to its base.