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Dun Glen, West Virginia

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USGS 1913 map showing location of Dun Glen (in area marked Swell Knob)
Dunglen Hotel, built in 1901

A post office named Dun Glen was established at some unknown point in time, most likely about the time that the Dunglen Hotel was opened in 1904. The post office was closed sometime prior to 1917. The Dunglen Hotel burned in 1930.

Mining operations at Dun Glen opened in about 1904 or 1905. The Annual Report for the year ending June 30, 1904 indicated that the Dunglen was currently under development, and that the side-tracks to the mine were in the process of being built. The company town of Dun Glen, or Dunglen, was located atop the rim of the New River Gorge on Sewell Knob (mislabeled on maps as "Swell Knob") of Garden Ground Mountain, directly behind the site of the Dunglen Hotel and across the New River from Thurmond. The mine was operated by Leo Schaeffer and James Fenimore, and a company store and miner's houses were maintained by the coal company. A steep switch-back wagon road led up to the mine from behind the hotel. Coal from the mine was hauled from the mine opening by a dinky engine to the mine headhouse were the coal was transported by a monitor incline, 1250 feet in length, to a tipple on a spur track about a half-mile up the C&O Loup Creek Branch from South Side Junction, and about one mile from Thurmond.

West Virginia mining records (1) indicate the "Dunglen" mine was operated by The Dunglen Coal Co. from 1905-1915 and Dunglen Fuel Co. between 1926-1928. A 1906 C&O publication lists the Dun Glen Coal Co. as operating one mine, and a 1911 Fayette County publication lists the same company as operating two mines, Dun Glen Nos. 1 & 2. The company's post office address was shown as Dun Glen, W.Va. Both mines worked the Sewell seam. The 1913 W. Va. Department of Mines annual report for 1913 noted that the Dun Glen mine was "about worked out", with only eight miners working that year. However, the W. Va. Geological Survey of 1919 listed the Dunglen Coal Company as operating the "Sewell Knob Mine".

Rafter's Reference: Unlike many other ghost towns of the New River Gorge, the ruins of Dun Glen are located high above the river and are not easily accessible to rafters. The area of Dunglen was extensively strip-mined during the 1940s.


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