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Dunloup, West Virginia

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Dunloup was developed as a company owned mining town by the Dunn Loop Coal & Coke Company which was chartered Feb. 16, 1893. The Dunloup mining operation began shipping coal in 1894 following the completion of the Loup Creek Branch of the Chesapeake & Ohio Railway (C&O) in 1894. The company's first tipple used a 900-foot tramway to connect the tipple and the mine opening. At some time around 1910, the Kanawha, Glen Jean & Eastern Railway (KGJ&E) built a short siding to the Dunloup mining operation which allowed the company to ship coal via the KGJ&E to the Virginian Railway.

Map Showing the Dunn Loop Lease

The 1925 map below shows how far back the Dunn Loop lease extended westward towards Garden Ground Mountain. Most of the lands of the Macdonald mining operation are now part of the The Summit: Bechtel Family National Scouting Reserve.

Map showing coal lands of the Macdonald mining operation. Click map to view an enlarged version.

Map of Dunloup and Vicinity

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Tipple of the Dunloup mining operation, ca. 1915

Tipple of the Kolndyke mine at Dunloup

1894-95 map showing first mining towns opened in the Loup Creek Coal Field
1911 USGS map showing the expansion of the coal industry that had taken place in the area since the field first opened