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Dunloup Creek Falls

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Dunloup Creek Falls

Dunloup Creek Falls drops 20 feet over a sandstone ledge on Dunloup Creek in southern Fayette County approximately three air-miles east of Glen Jean, WV, and three air-miles southwest of Thurmond, WV. As a result of its situation along highway WV-25 within the New River Gorge National River, the falls are easily accessible and much photographed. The overlook area beside the falls is unprotected, and care should be used on the banks approaching the falls.

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Dunloup Creek Falls in Art and Literature

In the musical, "It Came From WV", the Angel of the New River Gorge and The Guardian attempt to rescue a young man who has been talked into riding a whisky barrel over the Dunloup Creek Falls by a family of Moonshiners from Ballahack and a mischievous waterfall nymph.