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East Sewell (historical)

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1901 C&O Railway track diagram showing East Sewell
East Sewell was located along the C&O Railway east (upstream) of Sewell and opposite Finlow (Brooklyn).

In 1883, the Chesapeake & Ohio Railway (C&O) installed a turntable at East Sewell, along with facilities to provide its locomotives with sand and water. Several switch engines soon afterwards began operating from Sewell, bringing in coal cars from nearby coal mines to the yard tracks of East Sewell to be made up into trains to be shipped to markets in the east. Mines operating on the C&O in the New River Gorge at this general time period would have included Quinnimont, Stone Cliff, Beury, Fire Creek, Caperton, two mines at Nuttallburg, and two mines at Sewell.

However East Sewell's role as a major switching terminal would be short lived. In 1887, construction began on a branch line railroad down the south side of New River near present-day Thurmond. There, a station was established and the construction of a four-track yard begun. By the late-1890s several additional mines had opened on the south side and Thurmond had begun to serve as the major switching terminal for coal trains operating in the Lower New River Gorge.

Rafter's Reference: any remnant of East Sewell would be located on river -right, upstream or near Plowshares Rapids.