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Elverton, West Virginia

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Photo showing the coal plant of the Branch Coal & Coke Company at Elverton
1913 USGS map showing location of Elverton
1905 map showing Chapman C&C coal leases

The mine at Elverton was first opened by Joseph L. Beury in about 1896, who soon afterwards sold the mine to the Chapman interests. State mining records indicate the Chapman Coal & Coke Co. operated the Chapman mine in 1901. The name of mine was apparently changed from Chapman to Elverton in 1902. The state's records after this date show the Elverton mine as being operated by the Chapman Iron, Coal & Coke Co. from 1902-1906.

A C&O publication of 1906 listed the Chapman Iron Coal & Coke Company as operating one mine at a station named "Chapman", with 60 coke ovens in operation. The company's post office address was listed as Elverton. State mining records indicate the Elverton mine was operated by The Gashen Iron Co. during 1907-1908 and by the Elverton Coal & Coke Company between 1909-1910.

During the year ending June 30, 1911, the Elverton operation was acquired by the Beury interests, who assumed operation of the mine under the name of the Branch Coal & Coke Company. The company soon began making improvements to the property, spending $200,000 to rebuild company houses and the battery of 60 coke ovens and installing new equipment in the mine and tipple. State records show the Elverton mine was operated by the Branch Coal & Coke Company between 1911-1945.(1) Some source claim the Elverton mine operation was closed in 1951.

A post office was established here at some unknown date. Elverton was included on a 1917 list of West Virginia post offices.

Elverton's population was estimated at 200 in 1910 by the West Virginia Geological Survey. Extensive stone foundations, including the ruins of mining structures, a school, coke ovens, and a company store, are visible here when foliage has died back in fall, winter, and early spring.

Rafter's Reference: the ruins of Elverton, consisting mainly of stone foundations, are located on river-left along Warm-Up Rapids.


(1) West Virginia Office of Miners' Health, Safety and Training, mine data tonnage reports


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Additional Sources of Information

The following article about the Elverton mining operations of the Branch Coal & Coke Company from The Black Diamond, Vol. 62 can be read and downloaded (PDF) at Google Books.