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Endless Wall

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"Endless" cliffs line New River Gorge near Fayetteville, WV
Endless Wall was so-named by rock climbers in describing the unbroken line of cliffs along the northern rim of the New River Gorge. The wall formed by the outcropping of the Nuttall Sandstone and is part of the extensive New River Gorge climbing area, among the most popular climbing destinations in the Eastern U.S. Stretching more than four miles along the rim of the gorge, the cliffs rise as much as 100 feet above the forest floor and overlook the rapids of the New River more than 800 feet below. Hiking trails, including the Endless Wall Trail, maintained by the National Park Service, follow the top of the cliffline. Beauty Mountain and the New River Gorge Bridge are popular attractions near either end of Endless Wall. Cliff formations along the Endless Wall, from northwest to southeast, include:

Fern Creek Falls:
Fern Point:
Fern Cirque:
Idol Point:
Kaymoor Slab:
Nuttall Slab:
Finial Point:
Diamond Point:
Honeymooner's Ladders:
Snake Buttress:
Doctor Ruth's Big Buttress:
Fantasy Roof:
The Undeserved:
Cline Wall:
Mungolian Wall:
The Cirque:
Orange Wall:
Super Mario Boulders:

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