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King Charles II made the first grant of land with present-day West Virginia in 1681, giving a large tract of land, that came to be known the Northern Neck of Virginia, to Lord Hopton and others. The grant was sold to Lord Culpeper in 1688. One of Lord Culpeper's grandsons, Thomas, the sixth Lord Fairfax, inherited the land in 1719. The Fairfax Line, a survey made by Mayo and Savage in 1736, was approved in 1745, but a new survery was ordered. Peter Jefferson, father of Thomas Jefferson, and Thomas Lewis, son of John Lewis, and others composed the new survy party. On October 23, 1746 the survey party reached the landmark that came to be known as the Fairfax Stone.

The Fairfax Land Grant embraced all of present-day Jefferson, Berkeley, Morgan, Hampshire, Hardy, Grant, and Mineral Counties, and included a part of Tucker County.