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Farley, West Virginia

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Crossroad at Farley, WV
In southern Summers County, 12 miles south of Hinton, WV, the village of Farley, also known as "Old Farley," is an unincorporated rural community overlooking the mouth of Tom's Run, a tributary of the New River on Bluestone Lake. The community is the ancestral home of the Farley family in the New River Valley. Drewry Farley, forebear of the large clan of Farleys who came to live throughout adjacent areas in Summers, Raleigh, and Mercer counties, settled at Farley about 1800. Farley was the son or nephew of Thomas Farley, who built a fort, Farley's Fort, at the mouth of Tom's Run around 1775. A monument honoring Drewry Farley stands in a graveyard near the junction of Broadway and Gravely Point roads.