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Fayette Plateau

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Fayette Plateau is a locally popular named used to describe the relatively level region of tablelands in central Fayette County southwest of the New River Gorge in southern central West Virginia. The Fayette Plateau could also be used to describe a larger area of the same character that includes lands both northeast and southwest of the gorge. The term "Fayette Plateau" may have originally been coined by civic leaders promoting the Fayette County Chamber of Commerce. The term is not otherwise accepted as geographic nomenclature.

The character of the Fayette Plateau Area is typical of the band of rolling tablelands running northeast to southwest across central and southern West Virginia -- through Raleigh County, Fayette County, and Nicholas County. Horizotal, erosion-resisant sandstones -- including the Nuttall and Raleigh sandstones -- have prevented young streams from dissecting the region into steep hillsides.

Communities within the plateau include Oak Hill, WV, and Fayetteville, WV.