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Flatwoods, West Virginia

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Outlet shops and lodging facilities at Flatwoods, WV
In the village of Flatwoods, WV

A community in Braxton County, incorporated in 1902, Flatwoods takes its name from the area's flat and rolling land. Flatwoods is located on the right fork of O'Brien Creek, a tributary of the Elk River, along the former Richwood Branch of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad (B&O). Today, Flatwoods is a busy tourist stop-off on Interstate 79 (I-79). The Sutton Days Inn and Conference Center and Flatwoods Factory Outlet Stores are located off I-79 at Flatwoods. Located near the very center of West Virginia, Flatwoods is a popular rendevouz for state government meetings.

Weather: Flatwoods, WV

Lodging: Flatwoods, WV Hotels

Population: 275

Elevation: 1,821 feet

Flatwoods, WV

Flatwoods is perhaps best known as the scene of an encounter in 1952 with the "Flatwoods Monster," also known as the "Braxton County Monster" or the "Green Monster." Excited by the appearance of a bright meteor, a group of residents came to believe a spaceship had landed in the hills above the town, and ever since the community has been a gathering spot for ufologists. The "monster" was likely a barn owl; however, thousands of curious sightseers visit the town every year.


Flatwoods is located in the southern part of the Mountain Lakes Region of West Virginia between Sutton Lake and Burnsville Lake. As a result, the Flatwoods area is a popular boating, fishing, and hunting destination.

Burnsville Lake Wildlife Management Area protects 968-acre Burnsville Lake, 10 miles northeast of Flatwoods.

Elk River Wildlife Management Area protects 1,440-acre Sutton Lake, 10 miles southeast of Flatwoods.

Bulltown Historic District preserves a restored farmstead and other Appalachian structures 10 miles north of Flatwoods.

Flatwoods Factory Stores include outlets for Dress Barn, Fenton Glass, Mossy Oak, Samsonite, Corning-Revere, Black & Decker, Tommy Hilfiger, Factory Brand Shoes, and L'eggs-Hanes-Bali-Playtex.

Schools: Braxton County Schools