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Glade Creek

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Lower Falls of Glade Creek in Raleigh County
Glade Creek Gristmill in Fayette County in winter

At least four streams in West Virginia have been named Glade Creek:

Glade Creek, Raleigh County

Glade Creek, in Raleigh County, is a tributary of the New River and joins the latter stream within the New River Gorge. Like the New, the lower Glade Creek flows through a steep-walled canyon. It is also a noteworthy kayaking stream in spring with several Class III-V rapids, though the Glade is too narrow to accommodate whitewater rafting. The Glade is, however, best known as a trout-fishing stream. The lower length of the stream in its canyon is protected by the National Park Service as part of the New River Gorge National River, and a hiking trail has been established along its margin. The central part of the stream flows through a scenic canyon lined by the fantastic homes at Glade Springs Resort. The stream takes its name from glades located in its upper waters. According to the West Virginia Geologic Survey, the stream sources near the summit of Flat Top Mountain in southern Raleigh County and flows 21.8 miles to its mouth on New River, falling an average 97.2 feet per mile. The community of Hamlet, was located near the mouth of the stream and was associated with railroading operations, including the Glade Creek & Raleigh Railroad, that followed the Glade's canyon from the New River Gorge into the highland plateaus of Raleigh County.

Glade Creek, eastern Fayette County

Glade Creek, in eastern Fayette County, is a tributary of Manns Creek, in turn a primary tributary of New River, which it joins in the New River Gorge. The lower portion of the Glade Creek is located in a gorge much like that of the New River and Manns Creek. The stream sources on the western flank of Sewell Mountain at an elevation near 3,214 feet above sea level and descends to its junction with Manns Creek at Babcock State Park. The park's Glade Creek Gristmill is located on the stream near its mouth. Glade Creek is a well-known trout stream and kayaking stream.

Glade Creek, northern Fayette County

Glade Creek, in northern Fayette County, as a tributary of the Meadow River. The creek roughly parallels the US-19 expressway and is located to the southwest of the route at all points. The stream takes its name from openings in the forests along its course and provided the passage for a rail line from the Meadow River to mines on its upper course.

Glade Creek, central Nicholas County

Glade Creek, in central Nicholas County, is a tributary of Muddlety Creek, in a turn a tributary of the Gauley River, which it joins in Summersville Lake. The stream takes its name from the glades it drains among the open tablelands east of Summersville, WV. Present-day WV-41 follows the creek through part of its level drainage.