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Glen White, West Virginia

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Glen White Recreation Building, completed 1919 at a cost in excess of $40,000.
Coal plant of E. E. White Coal Co., ca. 1912
Coal plant of the E. E. White Coal Company at Glen White, circa 1919.

Glen White (map) in central Raleigh County, is an unincorporated community and a former coal mining town developed in the early-1900s. The community was named by E. E. White, an industrialist who developed mines at Glen White and lived in a large residence overlooking the community. The White Mansion is listed on the Raleigh County Register of Historic Places.

The first shipments of coal from the Glen White mines were made during the year ending June 30, 1908 by the E. E. White Coal Company. The company's two shaft mines, Nos. 1 & 2, were located on the Glen White Branch of the Virginia Railway (VGN). The mines worked the Beckley seam, with thickness of 5 feet 8 inches. During the year ending June 30, 1913, mining was done by 140 pick miners and 25 machine miners; haulage was by six 6 ton Westinghouse and four 10 ton electric motors. The coal was shipped to tidewater for steam purposes. The daily capacity of the colliery was 1000 tons. The mine employed 275 workers of which the following nationalities were reported during the year ending June 30, 1913: Inside workers included 41 Americans (white), 3 English, 2 German, 6 Hungarian, 61 Italian, 78 Negroes, 44 Polish, 1 Russian, and 1 Scotch. Outside workers included 26 Americans (white), 1 English, 4 Italian, 3 Negroes, and 4 Polish.

E. E. White Coal Company operated the Glen White mines through 1926. From 1927-1933 the mines were operated by the C. C. B. Smokeless Coal Company. During 1934-1935 the mines were operated by the Koppers Coal & Transportation Company. From 1935-1945 the mines were operated by the Koppers Coal Company.

The following article is from a 1919 edition of The Black Diamond, and is available for reading/download at Google Books.