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Greenbrier Valley

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The Greenbrier Valley is among the most scenic of Appalachian vales -- a rolling countryside of bluegrass pastures underlain by uncharted caverns, and of mineral springs established as spas prior to the Civil War. Lewisburg, WV, its largest community, and the seat of Greenbrier County, was ranked by National Geographic among the 75 best small towns to visit in America. Other historic towns to visit in the Greenbrier Valley include, Union, Alderson, Ronceverte, Hillsboro, Marlinton, Cass, and White Sulphur Springs.

The largest farming region in the Greenbrier Valley, the "Big Levels," has maintained a stable agricultural economy since the Allegheny Mountain were opened for settlement in the late 1700s. Further north, the character of "Little Levels" is equally scenic. The Greenbrier Valley is drained by the Greenbrier River and its tributaries. Parts of Monroe County, Greenbrier County, and Pocahontas County are located in the Greenbrier Valley.


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