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Handley, West Virginia

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London Locks on the Kanawha River and Handley
Handley Y.M.C.A. bulding, circa 1905

Handley, WV is a community in Kanawha County. During the coal boom era, several mining operations were located near Handley. During the times when steam locomotives were in use on the railroad, Handley functioned as an important engine servicing terminal on the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway. Handley was the dividing point of the railroad's New River Division and the Kanawha Division. At Handley, the railroad maintained a large rail yard, roundhouse, and repair shops. In 1921, 181 workers were employed by the Chesapeake & Ohio Railway (C&O) in the railroad's operations at Handley. When the diesel-electric locomotive replaced the steam locomotives on the C&O in the mid-1950s, virtually all of these job positions were eliminated. The C&O erected a YMCA building in Handley, sometime about 1890, in order to provide rooms and meals for railroad crews working out of the Handley yard. The YMCA was remodeled and enlarged several times, and by 1906 the building housed a restaurant open 24 hours. In 1914, the population of Handley was about 1,000 and two churches, seven stores and two schools were located in the town.

Population: 362

Elevation: 650 feet

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