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That part of the present State of West Virginia south of the Great Kanawha River was claimed by the Cherokees, while the region drained by that stream and its tributaries, was occupied by the Shawnees; they had towns within the present county of Greenbrier, and a large one at the mouth of Old Town Creek, in Mason County; this latter then abandoned about the year 1763. That part of the State between the Little Kanawha River and the present site of Wheeling, was the hunting ground of the Mingos, who had their towns on the northern banks of the Ohio, near where Steubenville now stands. The valley of the Monongahela River was occupied by the Delawares while the region now embranced in the counties of Morgan, Berkeley and Jefferson, was the home of the Tuscaroras, which tribe removed from North Carolina in 1712, and, becoming one of the Confederated Tribes afterwards known as the Six Nations, settled here. Tuscarora Creek, which flows through the city of Martinsburg, derives its name from this tribe.