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James River & Kanawha Turnpike

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The James River Company was incorporated in 1784, and soon afterwards the construction of a state road for wagons was completed to the navigable waters of the Kanawha River by 1790 and opened to the Ohio River by 1800. In 1781 an effort was made by people in Greenbrier County to extend a wagon road westward from Warm Springs to the court house at Lewisburg for the importation of salt and the exportation of hemp. This road was opened in 1782 and at the same time a similar road was opened from Warm Springs to Sweet Springs. In October 1785 a new act authorized the opening of bids for opening within two years a wagon road at least 30 feet wide from Lewisburg to the lower falls of the Kanawha. The road was completed in 1786 and came to be known as early as 1790 as the "Old State Road".