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Kanawha Turnpike

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Kanawha Turnpike
Midland Trail
Kanawha and Lewisburg Turnpike

An act of 1874 by the Virginia Legislature incorporated the James River Company, and an act of 1875 authorized the company to begin construction of a wagon road known as the "State Road" between Point Pleasant and White Sulphur Springs. But the route of this trail had been in use as early as 1754, and prior to that time it was as well established trail used by Native Americans. In October of 1785 a new act authorized bidding on a wagon road to built built at least 30 feet wide from Lewisburg to the lower falls of the Kanawha. Work began on the road in 1786, and in 1790 the road was completed to the Kanawha River in 1790, and opened to the Ohio in 1800. (By the early-1900s, this road would become commonly known as the "Old State Road.")

In 1825, by act of the General Assembly the trail was named the James River and Kanawha Turmpike, soon afterwards the road was completed as far west as present-day Charleston.