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Keeney Mountain

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Keeney Mountain from Clintonville, WV
Map of Keeney Mountain Vicinity

Keeney Mountain is a southern outlier of the Allegheny Mountains. It ascends to almost 4,000 feet above sea level, though located some forty-miles southwest of the Allegheny Mountain region, in which such an elevation would be typical. Keeney forms the common border between Summers County and Greenbrier County northeast of Hinton, WV, and northwest of Alderson, WV. The mountain takes its name for settler Stephen Keeney, who arrived in the area in the early 1700s.

Keeney Mountain is a dominant feature in the landscape to its east and southeast. The New River and Greenbrier River flow around its flanking foothills to the south and west. Several nearby summits, include Red Spring Mountain, Chestnut Mountain, and Big Bend Mountain, may be considered extensions of Keeney Mountain.

The historic Keeney Knob Fire Tower rises at the top of Keeney Knob, the mountain's highest summit.

Topo Map showing summit on Keeney Mountain