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Lego, West Virginia

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Tipple of the Fire Creek Smokeless Fuel Company at Lego, WV, circa 1919
1929 map of Lego and vicinity

Lego was developed as mining town by the Fire Creek Smokeless Fuel Company. The company was organized in the summer of 1916 by E. C. Taylor. A lease was secured on 1,700 acres of land on Laurel Fork and development of the property began in August of 1916. The first shipment of coal were made via a temporary tipple in December of 1916. The mines at Lego transported coal to market via the Stone Coal Sub-Division, a branch line railroad jointly operated by the Chesapeake & Ohio Railway and the Virginian Railway. A post office was established at Lego at an unknown date. The town was located about one mile from the tipple. In 1919 the company maintained 55 company houses for use by employees.

1920: Fire Creek Smokeless Coal Company, Lego mine; 79,335 tons produced

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Additional Sources of Information

The following article about the Lego mining operations of the Fire Creek Smokeless Fuel Company from The Black Diamond, Vol. 62 can be read and downloaded (PDF) at Google Books.