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Lester, West Virginia

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Homestead near Lester WV

A community in Raleigh County, Lester, WV (map), was incorporated in 1910. The town was named for Champ Lester, an early settler. The community lies in a gentle valley in southwestern Raleigh County along WV Route 54. Long isolated, the woodlands and pasturelands around Lester are expected to increase in value with the completion of the Coalfields Expressway.

Lester flourished during the industrial boom that occurred during the early decades of the 20th century after the railroads extended branch lines throughout Raleigh County. The W.Va. Geological Survey (1916) reported the town had 3 churches, 9 stores, 3 restaurants, a saw mill, a planning mill, 3 hotels, and a population of about 1,200 persons. The town's economy was almost totally dependent upon the mining and lumber industries. Located on Surveyor Creek of Marsh Fork of Coal River, the town was jointly served by Virginia Railway (VGN) and the Chesapeake & Ohio Railway (C&O).

Population: 322

Elevation: 2040

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