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In Lewisburg, WV, in Greenbrier County, the Lewisburg National Historic District preserves the Victorian and Revival architecture of this historic town in "The Levels" of the Greenbrier Valley. Lewisburg became important as an agriculture center among the region's bluegrass farms in the late 1700s.

In 1751, surveyor Andrew Lewis established a camp near the town spring, the "Lewis Spring" (behind the present courthouse) and in 1770, Fort Savannah was established at the spring. In 1774 Lewis, by then a general, assembled an army of frontiersmen at the fort and there launched an expedition against Indians led by Chief Cornstalk, culminating in the Battle of Point Pleasant. The Battle of Lewisburg was fought between the Union and Confederacy in 1862 to win control of the Midland Trail (now U.S. 60) and the largely Confederate countryside of the levels.

Located just off Interstate 64, Lewisburg is a popular tourist attraction. National Geographic named Lewisburg one of the top 75 great American small towns.

Map and topo Map showing the Lewisburg Historic District

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