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Lincoln County

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Lincoln County

Formed in 1867 from parts of Cabell, Putnam, Kanawha and Boone Counties, and named in honor of Abraham Lincoln, the sixteenth President of the United States.

County Seat: Hamlin, WV
Population: 22,108 (2000 Census)
Lincoln County Profile

Lodging: Lincoln County Hotels


Temperature Mean Annual Average: 53 (Degrees F)
January Averages: High 42 (Degrees F) -- Low 19 (Degrees F)
July Averages: High 86 (Degrees F) -- Low 62 (Degrees F)

Long Term Precipitation

January: 2.99 inches -- July: 5.05 (inches) -- Annual: 43.4 (inches)

Mean Annual Snowfall Range

20 - 30 inches

Lincoln County Weather Forecast

Additional Sources of Information


West Virginia Geological Survey: Cabell, Wayne and Lincoln Counties