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Mabscott, West Virginia

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A community in Raleigh County, Mabscott, WV, was incorporated in 1906, and named for Mabel (Shinn) Scott, of Fairmont, wife of Cyrus H. Scott, prominent coal operator of Raleigh County. Mabscott borders the City of Beckley, WV, to the southwest.

Mabscott, until the 1950s was largely an industrial and railway-shipping center, and many of its residents were employed by local coal mining operations in the New River Coal Field.

Today its main street, Whitestick Street, is largely damaged by years of industrial development, though initiatives to beautify the thoroughfare have been proposed. The value of properties in many areas has been lessened by poor residential construction and land-management practices. Large shade trees, for which the town had been known, have been destroyed by tree-topping or have otherwise been removed entirely. In 2004 a private land-owner removed a large grove of pine from near the center of town, leaving behind a ruined landscape that has further lessened property values.

Mabscott is well-known as a family friendly community, convenient to amenities in the City of Beckley, and housing is relatively affordable. Its police protection is renowned.

Population: 1,403
Elevation: 2,320 feet

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