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Mann Mountain

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Chestnut Knob of Mann Mountain (left), and Walnut Knob of Sewell Mountain (right), as seen from Plumley Mountain
Mann Mountain

Mann Mountain, in southern Fayette County, runs generally north-to-south through the highlands east of the New River Gorge and reaches a maximum elevation of 3,335 feet above sea level at its summit on Chestnut Knob, site of the CCC-built Mann Mountain Fire Tower (c. 1935). The elongated crest of the mountain is relatively level. Mann is formed in part by the Mann Mountain Anticline, the most prominent upward fold in the strata in Fayette County, according to the West Virginia Geological Survey. The [http://www.wvamaps.com/maps/index.php?place=WVPB-FM%20(Beckley)&state=WV&lon=-80.9892&lat=37.8961&pop=0&elev=0&county=Fayette West Virginia Public Broadcasting] FM tower is located near the southern end of the mountain.

Mann Mountain likely takes its name from a European settler, for whom Mann's Creek, a tributary of the New River, is also named. The mountain is one of the highest in Fayette County, and its summit at Chestnut Knob is a familiar feature along the eastern horizon at Oak Hill, WV, where its rise is particularly conspicuous.

Variant Names: Mann Mountain appears on some early maps as Man Mountain and as Manns Mountain.