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A community in Marion County, Mannington, WV was chartered as a town in 1856 by the Virginia General Assembly. Mannington was reincorporated as a town by the State of West Virginia in 1871, and incorporated as a city in 1921. The town is located on Buffalo Creek on the former Grafton & Belington Branch of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad (B&O). The town's growth in the late 1800s was fueled by the local gas and oil fields. The South Penn Oil Co., a former subsidiary of the Standard Oil Co. of New Jersey, operated extensive shops here. The Homewood Pottery Co. was established here in 1904, manufacturing plumbers earthenware of clay from England and North Carolina, flint from Maryland, and spar from Maine.

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Storefronts in Mannington, WV
Former B&O Passenger Station
Round Barn Museum