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Manns Creek

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File:Mouth of Mann\'s Creek (WV).JPG
Mann's Creek at its mouth on New River near Sewell, WV
.Mann's Creek rises in eastern Fayette County on the east face of Mann Mountain and descends rapidly through highlands into the New River Gorge of the central county. The stream is among the largest to join the New River in its gorge and drains some of the highest reaches in the county. Mann's Creek joins its major tributary, Glade Creek, in a narrow canyon within Babcock State Park. The creek is a popular trout stream, and many sections attract kayakers during high water. The Glade Creek Grist Mill is located on Glade Creek near its junction with Mann's Creek within the state park.

Prehistoric and early European trade routes descended Mann's Creek from the east to a crossing near the creek's mouth on the New River at Sewell, WV. In the early 1900s, the Manns Creek Railroad followed the valley of the stream from the main line of the Chesapeake & Ohio Railway at Sewell into the highlands east and north of the gorge. Ruins at Sewell and along the walls above the gorge were long-ago abandoned by the hundreds of miners and railroaders who worked the region. The whole of the gorge has been reclaimed entirely by forest, while much of the upper stream remains in farmland and woodlot.

Head: sources in western Fayette County
Mouth: junction with New River near Sewell, WV

Topo Map (Head)
Topo Map (Mouth)

Variant Name(s) Mann's Creek, Mans Creek