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Meadow Bridge, West Virginia

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Shaffer's Hardware stands near center of Meadow Bridge

Meadow Bridge, WV, (2000 pop. 321), in Fayette County, was incorporated as a town in 1920. The town takes its name from the fact that this was the point where a bridge crossed over Meadow Creek. An important Native American and pre-Revolutionary-Era trail ran east-to-west through the town, and several Indian settlements occupied the site.

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Sandstone boulders outcrop near Meadow Bridge, WV
Farmstead north of Meadow Bridge on Springdale Road.

Meadow Bridge is located in a small upland valley known since settlement as the Little Meadows, located six-miles west of the Big Meadows, the source of the Meadow River. Low wooded hills and knobs surround Meadow Bridge and the Little Meadows on all sides. The Meadow River Lumber Company began timbered in the region during the early 1900s and built a rail line through the town, the Sewell Valley Railroad, connecting the company's mill at Rainelle, WV, with the mainline of the Chesapeake & Ohio Railway (C&O) at the hamlet of Meadow Creek in the New River Gorge. Meadow Bridge is among the smallest municipalities in Fayette County, but at 2,427 feet above sea level, is its loftiest. As a result of its altitude, snows here are relatively heavy. The town lies just east of Sewell Mountain and just north of the national park service boundary of the New River Gorge National River, southern West Virginia's largest tourist attraction.


Meadow Bridge is the service, commercial, and residential center of a small area of rolling farmland and tableland farms. The rural area is considered exceptionally beautiful, though Meadow Bridge itself suffers from tree topping, poor development, which has lessened the value of property therein and nearby. Its oldest buildings have yet to be restored, though Meadow Bridge is a good candidate for restoration that could increase the region's economic viability.

Elevation: 2427 feet
Population: 321 (2000 Census)
Longitude: -80.8544
Latitude: 37.8589

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Established in 1954, the Meadow Bridge Drive-In is one of six open-air movie theaters still operating in West Virginia. The drive-in accommodates 180 vehicles and is open Memorial Day through the end of September.

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