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Mincar (historical)

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1913 USGS map showing location of Mincar

Mincar residents were somewhat isolated, living above and just-beyond the western rim of the gorge near Caperton, and a 1905 mapping of the unimproved roads leading to and from the town indicates a close association with the South Caperton mines, just below the rim of the gorge to the north, and the community of Cunard, to the south. Mincar was located on a bench of less-sloping land around a head of the North Fork of Coal Run.

In 1923, the South Side Company maintained its offices in Mincar, and operated the South Side mine located in South Caperton. The 1922 West Virginia Blue Book lists Mincar as having a post office.

Rafter's Reference: Unlike many other ghost towns of the New River Gorge, the ruins of Mincar, if extant, are located high above the river and are not easily accessible to rafters.