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Moccasin Rangers

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The Moccasin Rangers were a band of Confederate guerillas organized in Calhoun County and active in central West Virginia during the Civil War. The rangers were organized under Peregrine Hays and George Silcott of Arnoldsburg, WV, and led by Captain George Downs. From 1861 to mid-1862, the Moccasins raided the region, killing and capturing Union sympathizers and attacking the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad and Weston & Gauley Bridge Turnpike. On May 6, 1862, the Raiders attacked a Union outpost established at Arnoldsburg to to help suppress their activity. One Federal soldier was killed in the engagement, since known as the Arnoldsburg Skirmish, while two rebels were killed and one was wounded. Civil War heroine Nancy Hart was a Moccasin Ranger.