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Moorefield, West Virginia

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County seat of Hardy County, Moorefield, WV, was chartered in 1777 and named for Conrad Moore, who owned the lands upon which the town was laid out. Moorefield is one of the most important agricultural centers in West Virginia, located in the heart of the fertile valley of the South Branch of the Potomac River.

Moorefield's historic buildings and the scenic beauty of the South Branch Valley attract many tourists to the region. The completion of the U.S. Route 33 expressway (Appalachian Corridor H) projected for 2010 will open the community to increased tourism.

Moorefield, WV
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Moorefield, WV

Moorefield, WV is located about: 13 miles northeast of Petersburg, WV; 28 miles southwest of Romney, WV; and 30 miles west of Wardensville, WV.


Hardy County Public Library in Moorefield, WV


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180px-Moorefield-WV-Map.gif Map of Moorefield, WV showing streets and highways, and nearby airports, parks, hospitals, buildings, churches, cemeteries, trails and other points of interest; with link to driving directions.

Topo map of Moorefield, WV and vicinity

Census Data

Population: 2,375 (2000 Census)


Elevation: 829 feet
Longitude: -78.9697
Latitude: 39.0622

Variant Name(s) for Moorefield, West Virginia

Moorefields, Moorfields