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Mountain, West Virginia

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1911 USGS map showing Mountain, formerly Mole Hill

Mountain, WV, is a rural community in Ritchie County located northeast of Pennsboro, WV, near the source of the North Fork of the Hughes River. The community was known as Federal Hill when first established during the oil boom on the Hughes River basin, but in 1863 its name was changed to "Mole Hill," and its post office was reestablished as Mole Hill.

In 1949, according the the West Virginia Division of Culture and History, a publicity stunt arranged by the CBS Radio Network resulted in the change in the community's name, and that of its post office, to the present "Mountain." It was proposed that establishing a community named "Mountain" in the "Mountain State" would serve as a tourist draw to the area.

Mountain is located on Ritchie County Route 74 southwest of Joseph's Mills in Tyler County.

Map: Mountain, West Virginia (WV)