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New Martinsville, West Virginia

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The county seat of Wetzel County, New Martinsville, WV (map) was originally chartered as Martinsville in 1838, and name chaged to New Martinsville about 1846. Named for Presley Martin, one of the first settlers, owner of the land upon which the city is located.

New Martinsville, WV
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New Martinsville, WV

New Martinsville, WV is located about: 6 miles northeast of Paden City, WV; 13 miles northeast of Sistersville, WV; 14 miles south of Clarington, OH; 26 miles south of Moundsville, WV; and 38 miles south of Wheeling, WV.


Ohio River Islands National Wildlife Refuge


Wetzel Chronicle

Radio Stations
WETZ (AM 1330) - WXCR (FM 92.3) - WYMJ (FM 99.5)
WETZ (FM 103.9)



180px-New-Martinsville-WV-Map.gif Map of New Martinsville, WV showing streets and highways, and nearby airports, parks, hospitals, buildings, churches, cemeteries, trails and more; with link to driving directions.

Topo map of New Martinsville, WV and vicinity

Census Data

Population: 5,984 (2000 Census)


Elevation: 628 feet
Longitude: -80.8578
Latitude: 39.6444

Variant Name(s) for New Martinsville, WV

Fishing Creek, Martinsville, Mouth of Fishing Creek