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New River Gorge Rock Climbing

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The New River Gorge is among the largest and most-popular rock-climbing destinations in the eastern U.S.: more than 2,000 climbing routes ascend the sandstone cliffs that follow the rim of the gorge, and more routes are being opened every year. The National Park Service estimates that more than 10 miles of climbable rock faces line the rim of the gorge, particularly near Fayetteville, WV, the regional center of "climbing culture." More than a dozen whitewater rafting companies offer climbing tours as part of their adventure programing, and three climbing outfitters are located in the Fayetteville area. Rock climbing areas at Summersville Lake and along the gorge of the Meadow River are also popularly referred to as being part of the New River Gorge climbing area.

Bubba City; Junkyard Wall; Bridge Area; Ambassador Buttress; Fern Buttress; Endless Wall; Beauty Mountain

South Nuttall; Sunshine Buttress