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Newlyn (New River Gorge)

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Circa 1906 photo of Newlyn mining operation in the New River Gorge
C&O 1901 track diagram showing location of Newlyn
USGS 1913 map showing Newlyn and vicinity

Newlyn was also the name of a community located on the Loup Creek Branch of the Chesapeake & Ohio Railway (C&O), about 1 mile up along Dunloup Creek from the New River Gorge. See: Newlyn (Rend Branch)

The mine at Newlyn was apparently opened in about 1901. The name of the mine was changed to Ajax No. 1 in about 1914. State mining records (1) indicate the Newlyn mine was operated by the Manufacturers & Consumer Coal Co. from 1905 until 1913, and operated under the name of Ajax No. 1 by the Ajax Coal Co. from 1914-1928.

A 1901 track diagram by the Chesapeake & Ohio Railway (C&O) showed the Newlyn Coal & Coke Co. as operator of a mine at Mile Post 405. A 1906 C&O publication and a 1911 Fayette County publication both listed the Manufacturers & Consumer Coal Co. as operating the Newlyn mine, listing the company's post office address as Fayette, W.Va. The mine worked the Sewell coal seam, having a lease on 700 acres of coal lands. The 1906 publication listed the mine's daily capacity at 600 tons, and named the company's officers as follows: E. S. Jones, Pres.; G. F. Reynolds, VP.; Arthur Dunn, Sect./Treasuer; and P. H. Henry, Gen. Mgr. The population of Newlyn in 1910 was estimated as 46 by the West Virginia Geological Survey.

Rafter's Reference: the ruins of Newlyn, now little more than stone foundations, are located on river-right, just upstream of Old Nasty Rapids.


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