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Oceana, West Virginia

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Cook Parkway in Oceana, WV
Marker commemorating settlement by John Cooke

A community in Wyoming County, Oceana, WV, was settled in 1797 by John Cooke. Prior to its establishment at Pineville, WV, he county seat of Wyoming County was located from 1850 to 1907 at Oceana. The town was incorporation 1947. Originally named Cassville, Oceana was renamed Sumpterville in 1851. In 1853, Thomas Dunn English, author of the songs "Sweet Alice" and "Ben Bolt," and who was then practicing law in Wyoming County, persuaded the county court to change the town's name to Oceana in honor of the youngest daughter of the Mingo chief Cornstalk. The Wyoming County Petroglyph is located southwest of Oceana.

Weather: Oceana, WV

Lodging: Ocean, WV Hotels

Elevation: 1269 feet
Population: 1,550 (2000 Census)
Longitude: -81.6242
Latitude: 37.6919

Top map of Oceana, WV, and vicinity

Variant Name(s) for Oceana, WV

Cassville, Cookes, Ginseng, Occana, Sumpterville, Wyoming Court House