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Paradise, West Virginia

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Representative Putnam draw near Paradise, WV
Paradise, in northern Putnam County, is an unincorporated rural village and farming community named for the well apportioned amount of rain and sun its vales receive. The community is located between Red House, WV, on the lower Kanawha River, and Interstate 77 (I-77) near Kenna, WV.

Paradise is situated along the summit of a ridge that divides the headwaters of Manila Creek, a tributary of the Pocatalico River, to the south, and Stumpy Run, a tributary of Sigman Fork of Eighteenmile Creek, to the north. The name "Paradise" may refer to the community's reputation for producing bountiful gardens, though its naming has not been verified.

As demonstrated in the photo at right, the landscape near Paradise and in much of northeast Putnam County is characterized by pasture on ridge tops and woodlands in the draws and valley between, an uncommon situation in West Virginia where pastures are found primarily between wooded ridges and mountains.

WVAMAPS Map: Paradise, WV